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Work with Meatworks of Kansas for packaging and resale.

need inspections?

Kansas Department of Agriculture inspection

Kansas Department of Agriculture inspections allow for you to sell your meat for retail throughout the great state of Kansas! KDA inspections add a great bonus, ensuring the quality and safety of the meat you are producing and selling. 

United States Department of Agriculture inspection

Meatworks has newly become a United States Department of Agriculture approved plant and can now offer USDA inspected meat products. USDA inspections allow for the retail sale of beef throughout the United States. Not only does it ensure quality and safety, and adds profitability to your beef through a quality grading system.

packaging & labeling

Meatworks of Kansas offers co-packaging for farmers and ranchers that are looking for specialized packaging and labeling for resale of products. We use the latest technology, rollstock, to ensure a fresher, cleaner looking product, that lasts two times longer than traditional packaging methods. Meatworks of Kansas also offers customized labels. Your logo, brand, name, and colors can all be used to create a label that is specific to the needs of your company.

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