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Custom packaging

 Packaging and labeling to fit your specific needs.

State of the art packaging: Rollstock

 Meatworks of Kansas offers state-of-art packaging called rollstock. Rollstock packaging has many advantages over traditional packaging styles. This innovative vacuum seal technology helps maintain a fresher product for two times longer than butcher paper wrapping, while also protecting from freezer burns and bleeding of meat into the packaging. The cleaner squared packaging not only offers a more appealing look, but allows you to better utilize your freezer space. Rollstock is also more environmentally friendly than traditional vacuum sealing and butcher paper wrapping. We want to do our part in saving the grasslands that our cattle are raised on.

Custom labeling

make iT yours

Let Meatworks help you completely customize your processed meat down to the label. We use the latest printing technology to help you label your meat with high quality labels and printing. Ask us about adding your logo, United States Department of Agriculture inspection, addresses, cut names and more! We are here to help you walk away with a freezer full of custom meat!

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