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local brands

High quality, local brands sold at Meatworks of Kansas in Riley, KS


Established in 2020, Booth Creek Wagyu is a beef company based in Manhattan, Kansas. It specializes in raising authentic Wagyu beef, the famous breed from Japan known for its unparalleled marbling.
Meatworks of Kansas is proud to provide Booth Creek Wagyu’s processing services. Visit for more information about the breed or to shop their online store.

Alma Creamery, founded in 1946, is based in the Flint Hills of Kansas and Heartland of America. To this day the creamery is a family owned business and proudly makes all cheeses by hand with milk from a local Kansas dairy. Alma cheese's all natural cheese curds are known all over the state and Midwest for their squeaky wholesome goodness. Today, Alma Creamery supplies many stores and restaurants around Kansas with their famous cheese. 


Jack's Gourmet Seasoning started in the kitchen of Jack Yost in 1993 in Russell, Kansas. Jack wanted to cut down on the number of seasonings he was taking to the grill. After years of being a family recipe, Jack's wife convinced him to take it more seriously. J&J Seasoning (later changed to Jack's Gourmet Seasoning) was born. Quickly after, the seasoning went from a locally popular item to one sold across the United States.

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